buyING a home

Buying a home is a significant financial transaction and a major decision.  that's why using a real estate agent can help you navigate a complicated home search and purchase process. having an expert by your side who has your best interest in mind is a no-brainer.

I can help you achieve
your homebuying goals


As your representative, I make the process of house hunting seamless and most importantly, efficient. As a local Orlando resident who spends time visiting local businesses and staying up to date with city projects, I provide you with current information about the area. This is a MUST if you're relocating to Orlando, FL. You must find an Agent that knows the area. Buying a home can be overwhelming, so I am here to help you create a plan and work together to prioritize a list of the items you need in your next dream home.

1|  local expertise

As your agent, my top priority is to be your advocate and connect you with leading industry professionals to help you achieve home ownership.

The first step to achieve home ownership is to obtain financing by getting a pre-approval. During this process, the lender of choice will review your assets, savings, debts and credit score to determine your purchasing power.

You and I will then work closely together to find the perfect home for you!


An important step in the home-buying process, and one that makes some buyers nervous, is making an offer and negotiating price. As your representative, I am an objective and experienced ally in the negotiating process. I am trained to present your best case to the selling agent or seller, and to keep your information confidential from competing interests.

3|  pricing and negotiation expert

Between work and daily life, most people don’t have time to set up countless showings or endlessly search for homes and properties. I have access to countless listings when buying – which can save you tons of time by finding homes within your price range.

I will also use your preferences in order to find homes with access to public transportation, a pool, a great school district – whatever is most important to you. 

If you're relocating to Florida, my job is to stay in constant communication with you, which involves texts, phone calls and video tours of homes to find the best home for you! Check out the FREE relocation guide below.

4|  handle the heavy lifting